The record contains six compositions for two and four players and three solo improvisations.
All these pieces explore very limited material. In each piece the instrumental frame is narrowed
down to one instrument or type of instruments and in the pieces for more than one player all parts
are constructed from the same material. The three solo improvisations too have strong conceptual

I love the regular irregularity of patterns and textures found in nature, the shape of a tree or the
sound of water running over rocks in a stream. I am thinking of these pieces as images of such natural
phenomena, ancient and archaic.

recorded 2012-2017 in Berlin, Halle, Mulhouse and Milan
mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi
12" vinyl mastered by Rashad Becker
artwork by Michal Fuchs

Umlaut Records 2019

with the help of SKE-Fonds