pierre borel & hannes lingens

Pierre Borel - alto saxophone
Hannes Lingens - snare drum & objects

Pierre Borel and Hannes Lingens met in Berlin in 2006. In their duo they focus primarily on the extended
sound possibilities of their instruments. With Derek Shirley on double bass they formed the trio OBLIQ,
which released an LP with laptopper Christof Kurzmann (Umlaut Records 2010) and toured throughout
Europe. In 2010 Pierre Borel and Hannes Lingens went on a three week tour through Japan where they
collaborated with Tetuzi Akiyama, Aya Tanaka, Madoka Kouno and Peter Kutin. In 2011 the duo followed an
invitation to play an acoustic version of Pierre Schaeffer's pioneering Musique Concrète piece «Études aux
chemins de fer» at the Reheat festival in Austria. This coincided with an increasing interest in concept in their
own work. A result of this approach, the collaborative composition ANEMIC CINEMA has been released on the
3CD-compilation "Echtzeitmusik Berlin" on the Russian label Mikroton Recordings in 2012.

Pierre Borel & Hannes Lingens play Pierre Schaeffer "Études aux chemins de fer" (2012):