site specific four channel sound installation

Giv’at HaMatos (literally, Airplane Hill) documents and sketches the geopolitical sound space of the
Jerusalem periphery. Giv’at HaMatos (which can be seen from the site of the sound installation) is located
between the neighborhoods of Gilo, Talpiot, Beit Safafa, and Sur Baher in southern Jerusalem. The
recording captures a moment in the history of the space: the hill, which had been a caravan neighborhood
for new immigrants, was abandoned over the past decade and is now slated to become a massive new
residential neighborhood. In his recordings of the area, Lingens used binaural microphones to create a 3-D
stereo sound sensation that enables the recorder/listener to listen to the soundscape from his own
personal perspective.

commissioned by Tea House Gallery, Mamuta Art and Research Center, Jerusalem