“Music For Strings” is the result of a long lasting cooperative process between Félicie Bazelaire
(and Ensemble CoÔ) as “performers” and Hannes Lingens as “composer”. Not only were all pieces
composed in response to commissions from Félicie Bazelaire and thus specifically with these performers
in mind, they also require (to different degrees) the involvement of the “interpreter” in various creative
decisions with sometimes drastic influence on the resulting music. This goes especially for “Methods &
Materials” which is entirely dependent on the methods and materials researched by and found in the
playing of the performer herself.

Félicie Bazelaire - double bass, cello

Ensemble CoÔ
Patricia Bosshard - violin
Cyprien Busolini, Elodie Gaudet - viola
Anaïs Moreau - cello
Félicie Bazelaire, Benjamin Duboc, Frédéric Marty - double bass

recorded May 24th and 25th, 2018 (1-3) and February 12th, 2021 (4-5) at
La Muse en Circuit, Alfortville by Camille Lézer
mixed by Lucie Laricq
mastered by Richard Comte

CD Edition Wandelweiser Records 2021

with the help of SKE-Fonds