Hannes Lingens - Solo Percussion

Selected percussion instruments are used to explore and enlarge their inherent acoustic
qualities. Within a predefined framework and in dialogue with the peculiarities of the
respective space, an in depth exploration of the instruments' resonance in the room
is carried out.

Solo compositions

"Methods & Materials" for soloist (2018)
"Tom Tom Solo (trance piece)" (2015)
"Yola my blues away" snare drum and backing track (2014)
"Waves" snare drum and radio (2013)
"Flut" snare drum, vibrators, bowed metal objects (2012)
"Early Spring" floor tom and backyard (2012)

Solo performances took place at Umlaut Festival (Paris), Velak Gala / Brut (Vienna), ausland,
quiet cue, Labor Sonor, Studio8 (Berlin), Galerie Barbur (jerusalem), Burg Galerie (Halle), etc.

I have also performed solo percussion pieces by Alvin Lucier, Peter Ablinger and James Tenney.