Labohr is a concert series in Halle (Saale) that features artists that look beyond pure musical performance and confront their musical thinking with the possibilities of space. The artists are given a day of research and rehearsal in the various spaces inside and outside the WuK Theater Qartier before they present their work to the public.

16.06.2021 Grand Opening with Sven-Åke Johansson - Drums and Performance (Berlin)
supported by Hannes Lingens - "Etwas Runder" for three Snare Drums
performed by Hans Arnold, Johannes v. Buttlar, Hannes Lingens (Halle/Leipzig)

05.07.2021 Joel Grip - Double Bass (Berlin), Prune Bechau - Baroque Violin (Bordeaux)

14.07.2021 Pina Rücker - Soundbowls, Stefan Schleupner - Light (Leipzig)

21.07.2021 Takako Suzuki - Dance & Hannes Lingens - Percussion (Halle)

24.07.2021 RRR Liz Kosack - synth, masks, light & Dan Peter Sundland - e-bass, suits, light (Berlin)